2D Scan Systems

These scan heads establishes industry standards for accuracy and dynamic performance. They also integrate all scan components in a sealed ultra-compact housing.
intelliSCAN® III
The intelliSCAN® III establishes industry standards for long-term stability and dynamic performance. In addition they offer all advantages of the intelliSCAN® product line.
hurrySCAN®, hurrySCAN® II, hurrySCAN® III
Featuring a uniform housing format, these compatible scan heads enable a broad range of applications. They deliver excellent dynamics and superior product quality.
SCANcube SCANcube®, intellicube®
Scan heads of this series integrate all scan components in a sealed ultra-compact housing.
Based on the new ultra low inertia se-digital encoder the intelliSCANse® scan heads from SCANLAB set new standards in high resolution scanning.
intelliSCAN intelliSCAN®, intelliSCANde®
Scan heads of this series provide the fully digital iDRIVE® technology from SCANLAB. Advanced status signals create new control and remote-diagnosis possibilities.
intelliDRILL 20/30 intelliDRILL®, intelliDRILLde®
These scan modules are optimized for laser-based material processing applications that require numerous positioning and operation steps (jump and shoot).
Scan Modules All scan heads are also available (without housings) as internal linkmodules.
palmSCAN palmSCAN
The palmSCAN's ultra-compact dimensions make this scan system especially suitable for hand-held laser systems.

3D Scan Systems

intelliWELD intelliWELD®
While a robot guides the scan system along a part's contour, the intelliWELD® quickly and accurately moves and fine-positions the laser spot.
powerSCAN powerSCAN, powerSCAN i
Scan systems of this product line enable new applications in the multi-kW laser power range. Large working fields and volumes are achievable together with small spot diameters. The modular design of powerSCAN 50/50i and 70/70i allows easy exchange of individual components.
varioSCAN varioSCAN, varioSCANde i
varioSCAN focusing units dynamically vary the focal length and thereby extend scan heads into versatile 3D scan systems.
The varioSCANFLEX enables continuous variation of the image field size.
The varioSCANde® offers double the maximum travel and much lower tracking error and the possibility to exploit such intelliSCAN® features as real-time querying of the current position, other parameters and status data.

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